Harris Tweed creates magnificent Sense of Well-being and Delight!

Ideal for classic-style garments as well as extraordinary outfits, also for curtains and more. Manifold in colours and patterns.


As made of genuine wool   Harris Tweed is outstanding in its features and does not have to be dry-cleaned or washed regularly for its ability to clean itself. Strongly-worn areas like around elbows can be repaired true to its original style and thus be embellished.


For each metre of material we enclose the “Orb” label proving its originality from the Outer Hebrides.


Remarkable about Inky Pinky: You, the customer, have the possibility to create your own Harris Tweed in patterns as well as colours. We look forward to assisting you!


Prices vary from GBP50 to GBP90 for single and double width respectively. Exact prices on request.


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