Ring-of-Kerry Tweed

Ideal for outdoor-clothing, for fine suits as well as eccentric and voguish garments. Also available in tapis quality for seat covers and curtains. This tweed varies in width between 78 and 145 to 150 cm and is produced machinably. The diversity in qualities, colours and patterns allow unbelievable variations with no limits to fantasy and imagination!


The Ring-of-Kerry tweed shows outstanding features in that, as a purified Pure New Wool material it cleanses itself to a certain extent before it needs dry-cleaning or even washing.


To gain excellent wearing comfort on skin up to 15% nylon added to some qualities. .


With each order we include label of genuineness Ring-of-Kerry quality.


Remarkable about Inky Pinky: You, the customer, have the possibility to create your own Irish tweed in patterns as well as colours and grade of thickness, to your requirements.


Prices for Ring-of-Kerry tweeds vary between GBP60 and GBP90 for double width. Exact prices on request.



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